Laser Nurse Laser Hair Removal NYC


Type of laser used:
Lightsheer Diode

How laser treatments work:
By targeting the pigment in the hair, the laser destroys the actual hair follicle, preventing hair regrowth. Each pulse of the laser works on many hairs at once unlike electrolysis which targets individual hairs.

Expected results:
Most people experience an 80-90% permanent removal of the hair. A very small amount of regrowth of fine hair can be expected. Laser treatments will also greatly reduce ingrown hairs and improve smoothness of the skin. You will start seeing results after the first treatment.

Amount of treatments needed:
Because of the hair growth cycles, a series of 5-7 treatments is usually needed to achieve optimal results.

Frequency of treatments:
Most areas require treatments every 6-8 weeks. Facial areas usually need treatments every 4 weeks. In between treatments, you should not have any hair growth.

Discomfort of treatments:
Treatments feel similar to a rubberband snap. Although usually not needed, a topical anesthetic cream may be used.

Skin irritation after treatment:
Usually the skin will have a very mild redness lasting a couple of hours or less. Very heavy growth areas could have redness/irritation up to a few days.

Time needed for each treatment:
For smaller areas like the underarms or bikini, treatments take about 15 minutes. For larger areas like the back, treatments can take up to 1 hour.

Safety of treatments:
The type of laser used for hair removal targets only the hair follicle. The surrounding area is left unaffected by the laser. Light skin can be safely treated with the Diode laser. Olive skin can also be safely treated with the Diode laser, although a test patch, which is free of charge, will probably have to be performed to assess the skin reaction before the treatment. Sun exposure needs to be avoided 2 weeks before and 1 week after the laser treatment.

Contraindications for treatment:
Treatments cannot be performed on pregnant women or anyone who has been taking Accutane in the last 6 months. And because the laser targets pigment, treatments are not effective on blond or gray hair.

After care:
The treated area should be cleaned with soap and water within a few hours after the treatment. You can use your normal lotions, although if you are experiencing redness or irritation of the hair follicles, hydrocortisone cream can be used. Normal activities can be continued. No shaving is advised for one week after the treatment, until all redness/irritation subsides. You will need to stop tweezing and waxing during the series of your laser treatments. You will need to avoid sun exposure for one week after the treatment.

Please call or email or text with any questions you may have.