Laser Nurse Laser Hair Removal NYC


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Great price, happy with results
by emjnyc at Citysearch

Lynda is fantastic. I spent a few months going to consultations and shopping around before I settled on a place, and I felt most comfortable with Lynda, plus her prices were lower than any of the other places I visited. Lynda was upfront at my consultation, and talked honestly about what the experience would be like and what results I could expect. I'm almost finished with the area I'm having treated now (5 sessions down, probably just one more to go), and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I've also been impressed with Lynda's professionalism and flexibility in scheduling appointments. Will definitely be going back to her to have other areas treated.

professional and pleasant, great results
by anooshnyc at Citysearch

Lynda was recommended to me by an old friend who had gotten great results. Over the course of the last year or so, I've been working on various parts from head to toe, and the results are fantastic. It's hard to believe the difference, since I've been struggling with hair removal since I was 10 or 11, and A LOT of it (thanks, Mom, for those hairy Armenian genes). I actually was trained and certified to do electrolysis 20 years ago, and worked in the field for a few years. But as a professional, I did not see many out there achieving permanent results in a timely manner, because in my opinion, the main issue is the person doing it can never see into the hair follicle and whether the root is truly being treated. Also, there is a chance of scarring with electrolysis...and it's one hair at a time -- ouch! I went to a consultation at one of the big chains several years ago, I am so thankful I found Lynda. She's affordable, plus she's a nurse, which makes me feel even more positive about going to her. She puts you right at ease, and takes the time to discuss everything and answer all questions. Just can't say enough good stuff about her!

Quick procedure and quick results
by Nanu at Citysearch

Hair removal can be an intimate affair and the decision to do it is not an easy one. Once you made the decision you are just praying for the right person to make the procedure while not painless at least awkward free. Lynda has mad me feel always comfortable with here professional,no-fuss and thorough approach. Procedures are quick and straight forward and Lynda is great about returning phone calls and calling or texting or to confirm your appointment. I found her on city-search and am happily passing on recommendations to see Lynda when you make the decision to remove hair for good.

Thorough and professional
by jlstorm at Citysearch

Lynda's the best I've been to for laser hair removal, and I've been to three different people. She's very resonably priced and has done several areas on me. I've never had any problems such as patchiness with her as she's very thorough and knows her stuff. I've recommended several friends and given them her card.

Highly recommended
by tyger3 at Citysearch

I highly recommend Lynda! She is professional, quick, and effective - plus her prices are very reasonable. I saw great results even after the first treatment, and now I am thinking about what else to have done...!

by aksc at Citysearch

I've done four treatments so far and I am satisfied by the result. This is my first time laser treatment so I was little nervous. However, Lynda explained the entire process at my first visit which made me feel safe and comfortable. She answers all of my questions and I am glad I found her place. Price is very reasonable too. I will be continuing treatment with her :)

Professional and thorough
by Ariane31 at Citysearch

I have been wanting to do laser hair removal for a while but I have an extremely sensitive skin and didn't want to do it with anyone. I checked a couple of places which not only were a lot more expensive but also made me feel like I was just another one doing it and they didn't take the time to see the specifics of my skin. Not reassuring at all! I finally found the perfect match with Lynda. At the first meeting, she gave me detailed and complete information, she looked at my skin and hair, tested a bit on different areas to see how my skin would react, and she was honest about the results I could get (I am doing bikini, underarm and full legs).

I'm halfway through the process and the results are already great: a lot less hair, very thin, and almost no in-growns.

Lynda is very accomodating, she takes the time to do it right and listens to requests and concerns. If you're thinking about doing laser hair removal, this is the best place for price and quality!

Wish I did this years ago!
by liz21380 at Citysearch

I am going to my 3rd treatment today for bikini and lower leg and the results have been really great so far. There is a huge difference in the amount of hair growing back between sessions. I love how this is a upfront, no frills, professional service. Lynda is very honest and patient and doesn't constantly give sales pitches as other companies do. She really takes her time and is knowledgeable about the whole process. I highly recommend her and wish I did this years ago!!!!

best decision i ever made!
by linaw at Citysearch

I was referred to Lynda by a friend and the results have been amazing! She is very affordable and will work with your budget. She is also very flexible in scheduling as I no longer live in NYC but come up for work and sometimes call her very last minute. She is very professional and is a great value and great results!

Laser Nurse
by ryjag at Citysearch

Lynda is great! She came highly recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. She is extremely professional and her rates are very reasonable. It can be painful but the results are worth it and Lynda makes it as comfortable for her clients as possible.

i can't believe i've been shaving my whole life!!!
by mae g at Citysearch

The very first time I got laser, it was at a very well known high end spa. The results were terrific and I wanted to go again, but I reasoned with myself and I knew I could not sensibly afford it.

I began to do some research, and I found the Laser Nurse Lynda. Not only was she located just a couple store fronts away in the east village, but her prices were reasonable and AFFORDABLE.

Before going to my first appointment I was worried that "you get what you pay for" and the results wouldn't be as good as I had experienced at the other place. But I was wrong. The treatments are so successful that I keep deciding on new parts of my body to laser, because I can actually afford it!

Lynda is very sweet and methodical, and I do NOT want to go back to life before I found her. I no longer have armpit stubble! Yay!

I have also recommended her to friends and family, anyone who has gone has been thrilled with the results. Sometimes I even give out sessions as presents.

* A note about the number of sessions required.... 6 Sessions are recommended for each part you want to treat, but the number of sessions actually depends on your skin color and the color and texture of your hair, so everyone will achieve different results, but Lynda will be honest with you from the start about what results you will likely achieve.

by ghgmm at Citysearch

Just came back from my first ever laser hair removable from Laser Nurse. She was FANTASTIC! I'm glad I went to her. The treatment was a bit more painful than I expected but I am definitely going back next month!

Consistent and Professional
by allikat123 at Citysearch

Lynda is incredibly professional, always flexible about scheduling, and very thorough in every appointment. I've heard horror stories about other salons but I've been seeing Lynda since 2005 and have never had a problem. The difference is amazing- I highly recommend her!

Professional and available
by AlMax at Citysearch

Lynda is very professional: she explains you precisely and honestly what you can expect from your treatment. Her prices are low compare to what you can find elsewhere. The spa has a very convenient location. Lynda is very flexible as for scheduling and always set appointment at your convenience. I am happy with the results so far.